Post 2: Getting personal…

Of the artwork that you have done, what is your personal favorite piece? Why do you like it?

My favorite artwork is a painting of a cheetah being swarmed by bees from my illustration 2 class.  It tells the story of how cheetahs got their spots and tear drops lines along their face.  In the story, the cheetah was tricked be a hare causing him to hit a bee hive.  The bees then gave chase and stung the cheetah several times causing his beautiful golden fur to become cover with spots.  The dark line along the center of his face were caused by his tears.  Before this class painting, was my least favorite media.  I really pushed myself to improve, and by the end of the semester i saw quite a bit of improvement.  The cheetah and bees was my final and I really step it up for that assignment.


What piece do other people like most? Do you agree?  Why do you think they like it?

I’m really sure to honestly.  I think most people love my more realistic pieces/ portraits.  I don’t do portraits just to be doing them.  They have their own meaning and are very personal to me.  The reason i think people like my portraits is the look of them.  Let’s be honest, people like things that look good. Some have even told me that my portrait pieces look like a photos.  But, i don’t i don’t care that kind of criticism.  The meaning behind them is all i care about.  When it comes to my peers, I’ve received good critiques even when it wasn’t my best work.  When i say good, I mean they helped me to make improvements.  I like criticism.  It helps me.  But, i think one of my pieces they like was my monkey and bananas/octopus silhouette.  Image

What piece surprised you the most?

That’s easy. My pieces for my digital cards.  They turned out better than I thought.  I was a little concerned about them because I was having trouble getting the hang of using the digital process.  To get better, I spent my entire weekends going over the same project over and over to get familiar with the tools and methods.  So the cards took months and months or work and to see it finished was a really great feeling.


My Favorite doodles/ Sketches:

I enjoy doodling and sketching.  I feel that’s when am more creative.  Also it’s helps with the thinking process.  I daydream often or I get into this really focus mode when it’s just me and no one else; that’s usually when I doodle or sketch a lot.  Sometimes it’s like taking notes.  You have this good idea in your sketchbook as reference.


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