Post 3: Research, research, and research…

Describe your typical creative process, for getting an assignment to finished piece.  Describe what you think your creative process should be like.

For my process, I focus on a lot of research and references.  The more reference the better.  I use photos, books, magazines, and even videos.  I do a lot of thumbnails sketches and experimentation.I try to keep myself inspired. Try to learn new things.  Color studies is also another technique i use to before attempting the final process.  I feel that a creative process should be about research and preparation.  Taking those necessary steps can be very essential to getting a piece done.  

I think this creative process is commonly shared, but with a different set of rules.  For instance, the famous artist Alex Ross is well known for his unique style.  Throughout his career he has drawn countless of superheros for Marvel and DC comics using his photo realism signature. Rather than draw, he sometimes paint his pieces using reference or live models. He uses water color as a media.


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