Day in the Life

Welcome to the city of Esmeralda.  It’s place of adventure and mystery.  It’s populated with waterfalls and lush greenery that boarded the outside city like a wall.  On the outside it was beautiful, but that’s just a cover.  Confused?  Well just hang on and be patient.  It will make sense soon.  Esmeralda is known for being the city of water.  But it wasn’t always like this.  Centuries ago there was a massive earthquake that broke the city off from main lands sending it drifting at sea.  It was name after one my ancestors.  She was the queen of the city who sacrificed herself to the God Lethns to save her people.  Overtime the city evolved and adapted to the water climate.  The climate was always changing due to the water.  Still, living here can be harsh sometimes.  But it depends on your social class.  In other words, if you’re a spoiled and uptight prick then you’ll do just fine.  But if you’re not, then be ready for punishment. Any who, this is what my day in the city is like.  Enjoy.
I was awaken by the constant tapping on my window.  It was my friends.  They discovered an un explored path hidden on the lower level  of the city and the aristocrats were having a dinner party tonight.  In the city of Esmeralda this wasn’t a surprise.  There is always something happening or new to discover.  It’s fill with levels and several networks of routes.  Some of the paths are water canals and ancient roads.   It’s heavily divided between the aristocrats and the poor.  As you would know, of course, the  higher level are own by the aristocrats.  They are the snobby ass-holes who walk around thinking that they own the world.  They are hypocrites who claim that the great God Lethns has bless them with a land to rule and punish the poor.  During the day as I walk the streets of the lower level, trash would rain down on the people.  The rich watches on pointing and laughing.  The poor was their entertainment.  The aristocrats wore fancy clothing that was made from expensive fabric imported from lands beyond the city.  The lower level smell of decay.  I use some of the streets as a shortcut to the religious center.  Sometimes I could feel the crunch of an unknown object on the bottom of my feet as I walked  through.  I never stop to look down.  Sometimes not knowing is the best.  The water is slightly tinted and consistently flows through out the entire city.  As it reaches the religious center, it slowly fades into a purer color.  Some of the water routes were colored according to the city’s levels.  It made it easier to travel  The walls that was once green and lust have now faded.  The clothing of the poor range from average to rags.
As for myself my family is of the higher class, but I would rather be down here any day.  So much to discover and I love running the roof tops.  Also it’s where my friends are.  If my parents knew, they would hate it.  But who cares right?   It was now 8:45 pm and at  night we run the roof tops and uncharted paths stealing from the rich and giving to the poor.  Sometimes in the places we “hit up” I’ll leave a nice piece of wall art for them to remember me by.  We spied on the rich and listen to them as they dance at their fancy dinner parties.  While they were dancing we sent in rats we trained to steal their small and valuable possessions.  Everything was going well until I slipped on a loose shingle and fell to the balcony below.  No one could see my face, but still that didn’t stop the guards from chasing us. We ran fluidly across the root tops. The shingles created a rhythm with each step that we made.  The entire city was our play ground so we knew how maneuver around.  They claim that I am the best at what I do and that am not like my family.  But owe it to my friends.  They taught me everything I know.  The poor taught me what life is really like.  They lived in the tradition of the old ways of our ancestors.  They had their own distant land hidden away from the rich where they grew and harvest crops and fish located below the lower level. The air there, always smelled sweet because of the fruit trees.  The water was clear as glass.  The vegetation grew along the cave walls and creep up to the big open at the top.  At midnight we took a short cut to there to lose the guards before heading off to bed.


The Invisible City: Esmeralda (city of water)

For this project, I chose to design the city in parts instead of as just one piece.  Think of it like having puzzle pieces.  Because it’s a water city, I chose colors that would reflect that.  Think of the color of and an ocean or sea.  As for the clothing, I’m still working the designs.  I want the clothing to reflect the city and how the people adapted to living in a water climate.  So I want the clothing to have a purpose as well.  In the city i want to show a transition from old to modern(change).

So this may be weird yes?…

When I work on my art, sometimes I do this thing were I dissect everything my mind.  Like for example when I look at a color, in my mind I see the color being dissected into a palette or possible colors that make that particular color.  I do this with everything.  Even people behavior and personality.  But the only downside to that is getting into that “zone” where am able to do that.  Lately I’ve been having trouble getting focus to that point.  It’s a lot easier when I have a personal attachment or some means of relating.  If you look at my pencil work, it’s easy to tell when i was at that point.  But I’ve been researching different artists ,such as Alex Ross one my favorites, to get some inspiration.  I like comic books, movies, and anything else that fall under that  category, but I don’t go “mad’ over it.  I’m more interested in how the artist do their work.  Art is a constant learning process to me.  I am never at a settle point where I’ve learned enough.