Illustration 3 Student Artist Research: Alex Simpson

Alex Simpson is a multi disciplinary artist based in London who works intuitively across painting, sculpture, printmaking and animation. Her work centers around personal narratives that are played out in worlds of melancholic children and strange creatures exploring their relationships with loss, fear and the unknown.

At the core of Simpson’s practice is painting – a dialogue between artist and medium – in which she invites spontaneity to bleed out her delicate figures into washes of ink. More recently Simpson has begun to work with ceramics – sculpting three dimensional counterparts to her gouache apparitions – rigorous experiments with glazes has helped her retain the textural flow of painting in this new medium. Simpson’s goal is to create a coherent visual language across these mediums.

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Illustration 3 Student Artist Research: Barnie Page

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Barnie Page is an illustrator graduate from  University of Brighton.
in 2010.  Some of his work experience includes working with:

Bold Tendencies
Studio Gander
Stolen Space
Bare Bones
The New Gallery London
Concrete Hermit

He is also part of the The Ancient Order Of Me & You
Just Us Design Collective, and the Illustrator’s Elbow.

Page is the co-founder of B.C.


Illustration 3 Student Artist Research: Haley J. Jones

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Haley uses her illustrations as a creative and exciting way to communicate to a wide range of audiences. She defines it as a breaking in cultural boundaries and language barriers. “Images can go farther than words even can. In my opinion, visual language is the ultimate form of communication. If I can create an image that can effectively speak a particular idea to, or evoke a specific opinion, in another human being, I have done my job.”
Her images often consist of bold and rich colors. The rich color palette usage is used to captivate the viewer and hold their attention until they consider what each individual piece.

I love the emphasis on texture that watercolor paints require. The texture of the chosen paper becomes an element in the image, and is a wonderful contrast to more flat and thick applications of paint. It reminds the viewer of its handmade origins, even after its print reproductions. A painterly quality is, in my opinion, irreplaceable.
Jones describes humor as a essential characteristic to her Illustration.

“Laughter is a critical element to my life, so why wouldn’t it be a main player in my work? Finding an amusing or sarcastic approach to an idea is always my favorite way to execute a piece. If I can make myself laugh while making it, I have reached some form of success. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then nothing is fun!”-Haley J. Jones

Illustration 3 Student Artist Research: Sungkyung Park

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Sungkyung Park or better known as “Bible Park” (Sungkyung means “Bible” in Korean). Park was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. After high school, Park came to united state. Later, received a B.F.A from Virginia Commonwealth University majoring in Communication Arts. Park lives in Richmond Virginia, currently working as a freelance illustrator and webtoon artist.

{Awards & Recognitions}

Phillip B.Meggs Award for design excellence by Richmond Illustrators Club, 06/2011
The Illustrators Club 15, 05/2010
The Illustrators 52 Professional Competition, 01/2010
The 2010 New York Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Competition, 05/2010
The 2009 & 2010 Mallory Callan Scholarship Competition, 03/2010
The 2009 Mallory Callan Scholarship Competition, 10/2009
Communication Arts Honors Studio, 08/2009 – 05/2010
American Illustration 28 Competition, 05/2009




Illustration 3 Student Artist Research: Rebecca Green

Rebecca recently graduated from Kendall College of Art and Design with a BFA in Illustration. She loves working in many different forms, from commercial work to gallery work, to community events and workshops. Green focus lie primarily in painting and drawing, but also work as a three-dimensional artist and hope to move farther into the realm of film and stop motion. She shares a small studio in an old furniture warehouse with five other artists.

In her work, Green tries to portray the potential good that lies in everyone, in every single day.  She hopes, in the near future, to continue her efforts to combine her love for art and her love for animals, somehow bringing them together to further educate, explore, and ultimately end the exploitation of our earthling neighbors.



2006-10 Kendall College of Art and Design – Grand Rapids, MI
” BFA in Illustration, minor in Graphic Design
Work Experience
2011 The Litribune’s Tales of Victory, Art.Downtown
Community Mural – Grand Rapids, MI
2011 East Kentwood Highschool, Visiting Artist
Artist Lecture and Drawing Demonstration – Grand Rapids, MI
2010 Cengage Learning’s CourseMate (online demonstration)
Drawing Inspiration: Visual Artists at Work, by Michael Fleishman
2010 Women + the Arts Fundraiser; Featured Visual Artist
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts – Grand Rapids, MI
2010 Volunteer for ICON6, Illustration Conference, Pasadena, CA
Bookstore, purchasing, and book signing volunteer
2010 NEWWORDS “Cellegratonia” Stop Motion Film, Grand Rapids, MI
Art direction, illustration, character/set design, and animation
2010 Grand Rapids Art Museum, Artist Lecture
Gesture demonstration for elementary students, Grand Rapids, MI
2010 A Conscious Benefit: “The Artist is the Human is the Animal”
Organization, promotion, networking, and artwork donation
2009-11 LIVE Coverage Fundraiser
Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts – Grand Rapids, MI
2010-11 Creative Youth Center Writing Workshops
Volunteer artist for after-school workshops – Grand Rapids, MI
2009 KCAD Illustration Orientation for freshman – Grand Rapids, MI
2009-10 Justlucky llc. Illustration and design assistant – Grand Rapids, MI
2008 Sculpture Lecture/ Demonstration for students
Grand Rapids Christian High School – Grand Rapids, MI
2008 Volunteer Painter for TOMS shoe event – Grand Rapids, MI
2011″ ” Art Prize Group Exhibition, The Spot – Grand Rapids, MI
2011″ ” Nice Gallery Group Exhibition, 1111 Godfrey – Grand Rapids, MI
2011 ” Art.Downtown Group Exhibition – Grand Rapids, MI
2011 ” Gallery 1212 Group Exhibition – Lansing, MI
2011 ” Face to Face, 2 person show, Byrneboehm Gallery – Grand Rapids, MI
2011 ” Clowns Laid Bare Group Exhibition, Gallery 104 – Grand Rapids, MI
2010 ” ArtKudos International Online Art Competition –
2010 ” Labor of Line ICON 6 Show Gallery Nucleus – Los Angeles, CA
2010 ” 82nd Regional Competition, Muskegon Museum of Art – Muskegon, MI
2010 ” Grand Rapids Festival of the Arts, Federal Building – Grand Rapids, MI
2010 ” West Michigan Regional Exhibition, Lowell Arts Council – Lowell MI
2010 ” Society of Illustrators Student Competition – New York, NY
2010 ” A Conscious Benefit, The DAAC – Grand Rapids, MI
2009-10 ” Avenue for the Arts, Artist Market – Grand Rapids, MI
2010 ” Fulton Street Artisan Market – Grand Rapids, MI
2009 ” Society of Illustrators Student Competition – New York, NY
2009 ” NoshNight Slide Wars, Artist Presentation
” Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts – Grand Rapids, MI
2009 ” The Bovadine Medley, Solo Exhibition
” The Sparrows Coffee Tea & Newsstand – Grand Rapids, MI
2008-10 ” Annual Holiday Artists’ Market, UICA – Grand Rapids, MI
2008 ” ActiveSite II, Federal Building – Grand Rapids, MI
2008 ” Gross Ile Chair-Arty Auction – Grosse Ile, MI
2011 ” 19 Windows Competition – First Place, East Grand Rapids, MI
2010 ” West Michigan Scholarship Recipient – Ox-Bow Tuition
2010 ” West Michigan Regional Competition – Fourth Place
2009 ” UICA Holiday Artists’ Market – Most Original Work
2009 ” UICA NoshNight Slide Wars – People’s Choice Award
2009 ” Society of Illustrators, New York, NY
” Arthur Zankel Scholarship, 2010 Call for Entries Poster
2009 ” Midwest Fine Art Finals – First Place, Scholarship Recipient
2008 ” Grosse Ile Chair-Arty Auction – First Place
2011 ” CraftSanity Magazine March, June, September 2011
2011 ” On-the-Town Magazine April 2011 (Cover)
2011 ” Bitch Magazine January 2011
2011 ” Comment Magazine January 2011 (Cover)
2010 ” CraftSanity Magazine December 2010
2010 ” Kendall College Library READ Poster 2010
2010 ” Society of Illustrators, 51st Annual of American Illustration (pg. 521)
2010 ” The Litribune Winter Release (Cover)
2009 ” On-the-Town Magazine October 2009 (Cover)
Client List
Bitch Magazine, Comment Magazine, CraftSanity Magazine, Gorilla Pictures, Grand Rapids
Community College, Festival Fete, JustLucky, On-the-Town,
The Sparrows Coffee Tea & Newsstand
2011″ “From the Desk of Rebecca Green” http://www.fromthedeskof”
2010″ ” “Honest Words & Mysterious Characters, The Work of Rebecca Green
2010″ ” Revue Magazine’s “New Artist” January 2010 (pg. 32)
2009″ ” Kendall College of Art and Design Viewbook (pg. 5)

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