Tee Blasters

Hello everyone.  A few post ago I mentioned making kid t-shirts to help bring awareness to my comic project I’m working on.  Well they are now up for sale, but only for a limited amount of time.  So if you’re interested now is the time to grab one before they are gone.  However, if you’re not, then that’s fine too.  I’ve been really busy, but I’m going to do my best to keep things on here updated as much as possible.  Again, thank you.




Same comic…Flashback Friday.

I mentioned in a few post back about having a comic and book project in the development.  It’s been a 6 year process of creating the characters and their world.  This year I’m taking the jump to put it out there.  However, I’m going to post a small back story on how my idea came to be in the link below.  Like always, thank you for reading and following.

Below is a sample comic from sequential narrative class in college. It was my first attempt at a four page comic.  However, now I’m a little more experienced; which brings me to my next question.  Would you( the followers, visitors, and readers) be interested in a web comic?  I have a story that’s been 6 years in development.  It’s about the children I mentioned in an early post.  Feel free to like or comment.  Any suggestion would be helpful. Again thank you.



In Stone…

collection 2017_0001

Morning/good evening everyone.  This is special post, but I want to start off by saying I’m a super private person. So with that being said, this drawing is a really big deal to me. This piece, I started working on it a few weeks before my girlfriend’s birthday and I’m still working on it today( well in between projects, work, and commissions). When I do work on it, I add a stone to represent days we share together(good or bad). The textures represents the condition of those days or moments. But my point is, love is a process and a continuous one. It can’t be rushed and you both have to be willing to learn and grow together. You have to be selfless, honest, and respectful. If you can’t do that, then there’s no need to waste your time. Love is a complex thing, with a simple formula. The problem is, we as people focus too much on the “I” and not enough on “we”. Anyways, that’s my opinion. Take it for what you will. I love my girlfriend and I thank her for being an inspiration 💜.  Thing have been tough for me personally.  I have a goal…I want to be an artist that makes a difference.  But when life place obstacles after obstacles in your path, it becomes a test of wit and perseverance. There were times I felt like I can’t, but she was there to give me that extra push.  I’m still on that path today.  I can’t quit.  If you have a goal, stick with it.  May sound rather cliché, but it’s the truth.  You have to keep going.

Some more art…

Hello, followers, readers, and visitors.  A couple days ago I posted a post discussing T Shirts I designed for children.  It’s officially up on the site.  There’s a count down clock for when it releases.  Here is the art featured on it below with the link.  Again thank you for visiting and reading.


My new project inspired by children…

Hey.  First of all I want to wish all the mothers and fathers who have taken on mother roles a Happy Mother’s Day.  You all are awesome!  Second I want to update everyone on my recent project.  I’m working on a series inspired by children.  It’s been six years in the making and I’m finally making moves to get it out to the world.  Although it’s going to take time, I’m determined to do it.  That’s the key being persistent and determined.  As a way to get some footing, I’ve made Tshirt designs for children only.  I must say, honestly I don’t expect them to sale much because my idea is still relatively new.  So not too many people know about it.  I just want my art on a preomtional platform. I will post the link down below.  However, if you do buy one for your child or just out of support, thank you.  Also, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.