Sketchbook: project 1

These are a few sketches of my in class assignments in which the class had to paint textures in ten 3″x3″squares and faces.  The textures were:

  • Leaf
  • Stone
  • Something fuzzy
  • another Leaf
  • Cloth(shirt)
  • Cloth(jeans)
  • Brick
  • dirt
  • back of hand
  • floor
    Some of the textures I feel were pretty good and there are of course some I don’t like at all.  But, practice makes perfect, and this was an interesting assignment.  Am going to scan them later so get a better shot of the the squares individually.
    The other set of images are face sketches.  It was pain, but i think am getting their.  I just have to like painting.

Artist Research

So far, I have 55 pictures to add in my sketchbook, but I chose Maxfield Parrish for my artist research.  So this post may be updated from time to time.