Project 5: Proposal

For project five, I chose to do a set of concept art for character designs.  The purpose of a concept design is to convey a representation of an idea.  For this is the reason why chose conceptual design.  I want a an opportunity to convey my interest in some doing a few character designs.  For my design I want to focus on a post apocalyptic event in which the characters focus are on survival and exploration.  As the environment, I’m designing  a fictional city where the surroundings are constantly changing.  The seasons are sometimes shorter and unpredictable.  Humans are force to find new ways to adapt and survive.

For my first plan of execution, I’ve researched climates such as deserts and the tundra.  Next, I searched for famous cities for reference.   For the characters, am using friends for reference photos.  Also I’ve chosen to look at clothing and hair styles to give the characters personality.  I want their clothing to look weathered with maybe a few survival accessories and one personal item that defines them.   Am going for function.  Equipment research is next on my agenda.  The characters need something to get around with the environment and something as protection.