Visual Essay: Finding the process

For this assignment I decided to continue with the e-waste series, but I want to put more focus on possible characters.  Through their eyes, I want to show a world of machine and electronic waste.  WIth the characters, I want them to be individuals.  I’m going to show this by expressing it through their clothing to the way they interact with the world.
I’m going to continue to use acrylic paint.  Having doing so, I feel like am getting a better “grip” on a technique that works for me.  I’ve been looking at artists such as Greg Simkins (Craola) and Raphael Lacoste to understand their techniques.  I found it really helpful with helping me making proper steps before just jumping right into the painting process.  Also, I’ve been giving a lot more careful attention to my reference images.  I collect a lot more reference photos and images now.  From there, I narrow them down to want i want to use.  Another thing I’ve been doing is making more models.  I’ve use everything from just simple cube shapes to full form figures.





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