Artist Research: Fredrick Remington

Fredrick Remington (1861-1909) studied art at Yale University.  He was an illustrator, painter, and sculpture.  In the 1880’s, he illustrated scenes for Harper’s and Collier’s magazines.  His worked were scenes of Indian wars, cattle herding, cowboys, horses, and wagon trains.  Remington’s work were highly detailed and realistic.  Later as a correspondent, he cover the Spanish American War.  His work were reproduced for newspapers and magazines which brought him fame. In 1886, he enrolled into the Art Students League to redefine his skills as an artist.  By 1888 he was commissioned by Century magazine to do a series of sketches focusing on the the Native American reservation.  Remington also work was a writer.  Some of his work includes Pony Tracks, Sundown Leflare, John Ermine of the Yellowstone, and Crooked Trails.


Artist Research:Egon Schiele

Egon Schiele (June 12, 1890-Oct. 31, 1918)

He was an Austrian print maker, drafter and painter.  Egon Schiele is mostly known for his erotic images and his women portraits.  They were often exaggerated and candid.  His landscape composition showed the same exaggerated style with much focus on using lines and color.  His expressionistic style of art made him one of the most recognized artist world.  In 1918 special room was made for his work.

Artist Research:Edmund Dulac

Edmund Dulac (1882-1953)

Edmund Dulac was a French illustrator and stage designer.  He is best known for his fantasy style of art that consist of soft glowing colors and delicate black outlines.  Dulac’s compositions were described as having a painterly quality and careful attention to detail.  He painted them using watercolor washes pattern and subtle tones.  His work was often compared to Arthur Rackham, and the two had several qualities in common.  Also some of his influences were the Japanese and Persian style miniatures.  Some of his work includes Sleeping Beauty and the other Fairy Tales from the Old FrenchArabian Nights, and the The Golden Cockerel. Later, he created designs for postage stamps, bookplates, and playing cards.

Artist Research:Dean Cornwell

Dean Cornwell (1892-1960)

Dean Cornwell was a American illustrator and muralist.  He began working as a cartoonist Louisville Herald and later moved to New York.  While there, he studied at the Art Student League of New York.  He eventually moved to London where he studied murals as an apprentice to  Frank Bragwyn.  Cornwells work were featured in magazines, books, advertising, and posters.  They were featured on the pages of Cosmopolitian, the Red Book, and  Good House Keeping.  He became a very well known illustrator earning him the name “Dean of Illustrators”  Some of his other work includes murals for the Lincoln Library Memorial Shrine in California, the Davidson County Court House, and U.S. post office in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Artist Research: Arthur Rackham

Arthur Rackham (1867-1939)

Arthur Rackham was a British artist and illustrator who’s work consist of highly detailed drawings.  With his unique imagination, he began illustrating books.  Rackham gained his experience as in illustrator by working for the Westminster Budget. He became popular for his work in Grimm’s Fairy Tales, and other children books.  His illustration for Rip Van Winkle brought him American success.  But, Rackham’s first success was his work in Peter Pan in Kensington Garden.  Using his creativity, he created several fantasy creatures for books, while allowing them to retain human like traits.


Sketchbook: project 1

These are a few sketches of my in class assignments in which the class had to paint textures in ten 3″x3″squares and faces.  The textures were:

  • Leaf
  • Stone
  • Something fuzzy
  • another Leaf
  • Cloth(shirt)
  • Cloth(jeans)
  • Brick
  • dirt
  • back of hand
  • floor
    Some of the textures I feel were pretty good and there are of course some I don’t like at all.  But, practice makes perfect, and this was an interesting assignment.  Am going to scan them later so get a better shot of the the squares individually.
    The other set of images are face sketches.  It was pain, but i think am getting their.  I just have to like painting.