My new project inspired by children…

Hey.  First of all I want to wish all the mothers and fathers who have taken on mother roles a Happy Mother’s Day.  You all are awesome!  Second I want to update everyone on my recent project.  I’m working on a series inspired by children.  It’s been six years in the making and I’m finally making moves to get it out to the world.  Although it’s going to take time, I’m determined to do it.  That’s the key being persistent and determined.  As a way to get some footing, I’ve made Tshirt designs for children only.  I must say, honestly I don’t expect them to sale much because my idea is still relatively new.  So not too many people know about it.  I just want my art on a preomtional platform. I will post the link down below.  However, if you do buy one for your child or just out of support, thank you.  Also, thank you for taking the time to visit my blog.


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