Mental Health Month

So some places and sites such as Tumblr, are bringing awarenss to mental health month.  I for one think that this is great, because mental health is a serious issue that plague many people.  I feel the most common form of it depression.  I personally know people who suffer from depression and it’s a scary thing to see someone you care about suffering.   A few years ago I had a friend that I cared about deeply.  She was suppose to call me that day, but she didn’t.  The next day, I was informed that she had tried to overdose on sleeping pills.  She had her stomach pumped and was in the hospital in stable condition. She recoverd, but still that was a scary situation. Later that year, she visited a doctor that diagnosed her with bipolar disorder.  To be truthful, I knew it because of situation were shared prior.  I researched the symptoms.  With being 20 years old at the time, I wish I had approached the situation a little different maybe.  But how could you tell your friend that she’s bipolar?  I confessed this to her and even showed her my research.  To her surprise, she asked why did I stay by her side all this time, and I told her because I loved her.  That turned out to be what she needed to hear I guess.  She needed to know that someone cared about her.  Now this is true story based my personal life and I’m usually a rather private person.  So if you or you know anyone suffering from any mental health issues, reach out to them or reach out in general and seek help.   Remember, there are good people out there.


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