Julie Doucet: Comics “Plotte is french for cunt”

Julie Doucet was born on the very last day of the year in 1965, which means she was the youngest girl in any of her classes at the all-girl Catholic high school she went to in the Montreal suburb of St. Lambert. Maybe it was being a catholic schoolgirl that gave her a rebellious streak, but Julie has probably given gray hairs to more than one person, as anyone who is familiar with her books and comics would attest. Her comic book Dirty Plotte has had to be ripped from the hands of more than one child who reached for her brightly coloured covers. “Plotte” is French for cunt; Dirty Plotte is a frank, funny, and sometimes shocking melange of dreams, diaries and stories that Entertainment Weekly called “id with an ink bottle.”

The series started as a mini comic in 1987, something Julie was inspired to do on the side while at art school in Montreal. She had begun reading comics again while studying, something she hadn’t done since childhood. Now she was reading French cartoonist F’murr and “pirated” R. Crumb. By 1989 Julie appeared for the first time in the American anthology Heck! Comic Art of the Late 1980’s and the next year Julie began publishing Dirty Plotte as a regular comic book series with Drawn & Quarterly.



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