Post:4 Part 2 Magazines?

I’m not really into magazines.  I barely watch television.  My head is always buried into my PERSONAL sketchbook or am writing some crazy adventure story.  Having said this, I have no idea on where to even start working for a magazine.

National Geographic:

National geographic I would say is the most interesting of them all as far me having to pick one.  I like drawing people and animals.  Also I like photography as well.  It being one of the most popular magazines of all time helps as well.  Who wouldn’t want to work for a magazine like that?  And I would get the chance to travel!


Time Magazine:

Time is another popular magazine.  It’s a little boring sometimes, but then again I’m not a big media fan. Still if you keep reading long enough there will be something interesting.  I’m not saying it’s a bad magazine; I have read some interesting issues.  So it depends on the topic of the month on whether I would pick it up. Like National Geographic, it has beautiful photography.  I have use a few issues for reference.


Game Informer:

It’s game magazine.  Why not?  In the gaming industry they are always looking for artists.  It doesn’t matter if it’s for an actual video game or cover, artists will be needed.


ESPN, The Magazine:

ESPN…..I have nothing.  It’s sports magazine so it’s kind or straight forward and to the point.  Usually on most issues it’s a star athlete.  But, photography is art as well and I did say I like photography as well.


Reader’s Digest:

I have read one of these magazines in years.  But it still as everything though, which is can be a good thing.  I would have options if i worked for this magazines.


Wizard Magazine:

I have several of these from when i was a kid.  It was my comic book substitute. For an illustrator this would be a possible dream job.  It has a monthly contest and it is interesting.  But this would be my second choice.



Again, another game magazine.


Playstation The Official Magazine(PSM):

And another game magazine.  They are all the same anyway.



I love music.  This would be a dream job as well.  Meet new/favorite bands and get introduced to different types music.



I think this is still popular.  It has been in business for years now.  But like National Geographic I would love to be able to travel.  This magazines cover events around the world also.  And has lovely photography.  That’s what caught my eye the most.


I have no idea how to start a magazine.  But i would start by interviewing writers, artist, photographers and editors?  Put together a group to come up with a common interest. From there compile up everyone’s ideas.


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