Illustration 3 Student Artist Research: Haley J. Jones

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Haley uses her illustrations as a creative and exciting way to communicate to a wide range of audiences. She defines it as a breaking in cultural boundaries and language barriers. “Images can go farther than words even can. In my opinion, visual language is the ultimate form of communication. If I can create an image that can effectively speak a particular idea to, or evoke a specific opinion, in another human being, I have done my job.”
Her images often consist of bold and rich colors. The rich color palette usage is used to captivate the viewer and hold their attention until they consider what each individual piece.

I love the emphasis on texture that watercolor paints require. The texture of the chosen paper becomes an element in the image, and is a wonderful contrast to more flat and thick applications of paint. It reminds the viewer of its handmade origins, even after its print reproductions. A painterly quality is, in my opinion, irreplaceable.
Jones describes humor as a essential characteristic to her Illustration.

“Laughter is a critical element to my life, so why wouldn’t it be a main player in my work? Finding an amusing or sarcastic approach to an idea is always my favorite way to execute a piece. If I can make myself laugh while making it, I have reached some form of success. If you can’t laugh at yourself, then nothing is fun!”-Haley J. Jones


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