Illustration 3 General Topics: Planking Fad

Planking is a game activity consisting of lying face down in an unusual locations. The hands must touch the sides of the body and having a photograph of the participant taken.  It is later posted on the internet as part of the game. Players compete to find the most unusual and original location in which to play. The term planking refers to mimicking a wooden plank.

Since 2011, many participants in planking have photographed the activity on unusual locations such as atop poles, roofs and vehicles, while some “plankers” engage in the activity by planking only their upper body and feet while leaving the back suspended.  It was originally created in England and later spread across the world.

It has also been considered dangerous, as in some incidents people have falling to their death.  In attempts to take the game to places where no one has have ever take it, players have performed it in areas consisting of extreme heights or just ridiculous locations.

Personal Thoughts:  I have mixed feelings about it.  Part of me feels it’s stupid but it’s a game and games are suppose to be fun.  Am surprised to see how popular it is.  A friend of mine showed me some examples, and I’ve seen funny photos of people taking it to the extreme in locations one wouldn’t think of performing it.  It can get a bit ridiculous and honestly kind of stupid.  But it’s suppose to be a fun game, but people have pushed the limit of it.  When you have people dying, than it doesn’t make it a game anymore.

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