So this may be weird yes?…

When I work on my art, sometimes I do this thing were I dissect everything my mind.  Like for example when I look at a color, in my mind I see the color being dissected into a palette or possible colors that make that particular color.  I do this with everything.  Even people behavior and personality.  But the only downside to that is getting into that “zone” where am able to do that.  Lately I’ve been having trouble getting focus to that point.  It’s a lot easier when I have a personal attachment or some means of relating.  If you look at my pencil work, it’s easy to tell when i was at that point.  But I’ve been researching different artists ,such as Alex Ross one my favorites, to get some inspiration.  I like comic books, movies, and anything else that fall under that  category, but I don’t go “mad’ over it.  I’m more interested in how the artist do their work.  Art is a constant learning process to me.  I am never at a settle point where I’ve learned enough.


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