Artist Research:Maxfield Parrish

Maxfield Parrish (1870-1966) was an American painter and illustrator who is best non for his classical style and saturated hues.  He began drawing as a child just to keep himself entertained.  He received early training from his father Stephen Parrish who was a painter and print maker.  Parrish later studied college at Haverford  College.  He changed to painting and took classes under Howard Pyle at the Drexel Institute.  Parrish created several posters, designs and illustration for Harper’s Weekly, The Century, and Collier’s. Some of his work were fantasy influenced and consist of woodland scenes.  His other work consisted of calendars and books such as The Golden Age and Day Dreams that were created by Kenneth Grahame.  In 1898 designed and built his own home in New Hampshire.  Parrish work had a big influence at this time.  Several colored calendars and prints adapted to his style and sold millions.


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